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November 1, 2016



Analytics is a core part of product development at Facebook. We use data to understand how our billion+ daily users interact with our product, and also to figure out how to make it better for them and our next billion users. I'll discuss what data scientists actually do at Facebook, and give some examples of problems we've worked on in causal inference, machine learning, and other areas.

About Matthew Folz:
I'm a data scientist at Facebook, primarily working on the Groups product. I work on building better experiences for our users, understanding how Groups are currently being used, and analyzing how Groups contribute to the broader Facebook ecosystem. I completed a Ph.D in mathematics from UBC in 2013

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Analytics and Data Science at Facebook

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October 13, 2016



Coursera, Udacity, Big Data University and many others - all these organizations provide free courses for hundreds and thousands of people in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS). What types of data do they work with? What kind of insights can they discover from students worldwide?

In this talk, Eli will provide an overview of how big data is used to create and power Silicon Valley's greatest companies, with specific examples from Udacity. He will also provide some insights into the process behind turning million-row datasets into actionable insights and some of the best practices associated with that. Finally, he will talk about the different career paths within the field of analytics including some tips for what worked well for him. At the end, there will be an open Q and A session where you can ask him anything!

Presented by Eli Kastelein, Data Analyst at Udacity.

IBM's Big Data University (link) will also give a brief overview of free data science tools to help anybody get started in data science.

Location TBA! Check into our Facebook event page here for the latest location information:

There will be free food at 5:30!

February 25, 2016

We'll be hosting Boris Lau from Mobify, where he will talk about his experiences as a Data Engineer. We will also include a quick introduction and demo of IBM's Data Scientist Workbench, a cloud-based suite of tools for data science anywhere.


"Dirty" data is the most annoying thing Data Scientists have to deal with. When dates are in weird formats and errors plague every data field, Data Scientists waste valuable time trying to fix and "clean" data instead of deriving insights.

At Mobify, we see a constant stream of events from various customers using our e-commerce platform. This requires careful checks of incoming data to avoid future operation issues. Most importantly, we check to see that the data is "healthy".

We will talk about:

  • Various modelling techniques that highlight different "risks" from data sources.
  • How to apply simple visualization techniques to communicate with other teams.
  • What it's like to work in the Data Ops team in a growing company.

Presented by Boris Lau, Senior Data Engineer at Mobify.

google data science

January 15, 2016

Google Search, Ads, YouTube, Maps, etc... they all live on data. You'll hear stories about:

  • how Google uses data and statistics
  • how Google handles big data
  • how Google is always experimenting to make improvements (yes, this includes your searches)
  • how Google adapts statistical ideas to do things that have never been done before

Also, if you're interested in working at Google as a Quantitative Analyst, come to this seminar to find out more about their full-time positions and internships!
Check out our facebook event page for more information and get your tickets below!

Data Science with IBM Watson Analytics and local Data Scientists

November 3, 2015

This is DataSense's inaugural event to kick off our Data Science Seminar Series! Come hear about IBM's Watson Analytics platform which enables data science for everybody, and ask local data scientists in Vancouver about anything! There will be food and drinks provided.

This event will feature two parts:

  1. An introduction to Data Science and IBM's Watson Analytics platform
  2. An open question and answer period with a panel of Data Scientists.

Check out this facebook event page for more information!