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What we do

DataSense is a student-run organization focused around three major modules to help students learn more about and start doing Data Science


Monthly Seminar Series

Learn about Data Science from accomplished Data Scientists by attending short talks designed for a broad audience.

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Data Science Competition

Practise Data Science by analyzing data sponsored by companies. Winners get published online and win prizes. This makes for a great resume addition.

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Data Science Job Board

Browse Data Science jobs and post your own Data Scientist profile for other companies to see.

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Data Science

The art and science of making data make sense

Our goal is to inspire students to learn about and work with data.

From monitoring massive ecosystems like the world economy, down to providing personalized consumer convenience like real time traffic conditions, big data involves and affects nearly every facet of life in the 21 century.

Everybody talks about big data, but only Data Scientists know exactly what big data is. Data Scientists combine their knowledge of Statistics and Computer Programming to extract meaningful insights from otherwise meaningless data. In today's world where data is literally everywhere, companies are facing a major shortage of Data Scientists.

Founded by students at the University of British Columbia (UBC), DataSense realizes the power and potential of data. Our mission is to spread awareness and promote the power of data within student populations in Vancouver. Through participation in our organization, we hope to inspire the next generation of data scientists. Click here to learn more about data science.

Some Data Science "success" stories
  • Google maps uses your smartphones to calculate traffic in real-time
  • OkCupid uses data to discover which conversations lead to sex on the first date
  • YES WE CAN - Obama's campaign used data to better target potential voters
  • Netflix uses big data to deliver the perfect advertising campaign for "House of Cards"
Job prospects in Data Science

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